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in-ear stereos

in-ear stereos

(7 customer reviews)


The Zuka Soul is our new wireless Bluetooth in-ear stereo that’s meant to deliver superior sounds anytime, anywhere. Machined to deliver immersive audios Zuka Soul is equipped with ZSTS technology that ensures impeccable clarity to the listener. The drivers enclosed in the hollow aluminium alloy housing produce dense and resonant sounds and enhance your overall listening experience. The lightweight in-ear stereo is designed in a way that it comfortably sits in your ears and you wouldn’t even feel like it. Zuka Soul is made for everyone including gamers, music lovers, and busy professionals.

  • Power-packed 6 Hours of music time
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time
  • Uninterrupted connection with Advance Bluetooth 5.1
  • Pitch clear audios with ZSTS tech
  • 95 hours of seamless entertainment with case
  • Responsive one-finger touch control
  • Snug fit, Slick design
  • Hollow Aluminium Alloy built for dense audios
  • Sweat Proof. Will not fall out while working out.
  • Goes from Zero to Fully Charged within 2 hours
  • Low Latency mode for lag-free Gaming Experience
  • TWS connection ensures audio that’s not split in left and right.
  • C Type charger for ease of charging

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The Zuka Soul is our latest wireless bluetooth in-ear stereo meant to take amazing sound with you wherever you go. The Zuka Soul is fully equipped with ZSTS technology that offers listeners clear and precise listening and calls.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for in-ear stereos

  1. Denton

    Nice sound & a very comfortable fit.
    Great quality.
    Needs a BIT more Bass (if Bass is something you need, if you don’t, then it is perfect).
    I Will be grabbing a pair for my wife lol, can’t have her using mine !

  2. Ciana

    These earphones are really comfortable with a sleek design! The case is also very cute and compact. Perfect design. The sounds quality is great but does feel like it’s missing something. Great product overall!

  3. Salma

    Sound quality is amazing you can feel and hear every beat, makes you feel alive honestly. The earphones fit perfectly onto the ear making it easy for me to workout and not worry about them coming off even when I sweat. Quality overall is brilliant and beneficial for everyday use from work, gym, school…etc. I advise others to give them a go!

  4. Svitlana

    Great product!!
    I love the design, it’s comfortable and classy. Very unique.
    Comfy fit in the ears which is huge for me because all the others hurts my ears.
    Sound is amazing, I’m a music lover and it’s well balanced, not too bass heavy as that distorts the sound.
    I bought 2 pairs, one for me and one for my daughter who is crazy about the colour and the design.
    I feel like I’m in a concert while listening to me favourite songs.
    Definitely worth the money.

  5. Javier (Music Producer to the stars)

    I was down with the team during the development stage so I’ll give my honest opinion without being bias.

    I make a great living in the music business and so my main focus is the sound.

    From the get go, my homie Orlando told me that the sound creation was very very important and he wanted to recreate a pure studio sound that is equally balanced with bass, highs and mids.

    In my opinion that’s exactly what they achieved.

    People need to know that this is a transmitting device so it’s only gonna give you what the source, phone is giving. I mean the Soul will correct it but it’s not a magical tws. If the bass, highs or mids coming through your phone is shit then you can’t expect the device to properly correct it.

    Nevertheless, I think for the price, the strength and durability in the aluminum design, the Soul is definitely worth the money.

    It’s crazy but the hollow aluminum does give it a cool deeper sound.


  6. Osato Agbaire

    This is an amazing product. The sound from these In-Ear Stereos are A1! You get a perfect balance of all the showings you hear while listening to music, podcasts, movies & more. These are the next big thing and I highly advise grabbing them.

  7. Jace Stoke FM Manager/Personality (verified owner)

    The Zuka Soul feels great when it’s in the case, it fits well in my ear when biking around and the sound quality is excellent.

    I’m starting to notice new parts in songs that I’ve listened to multiple times.

    The calls work well, even if you’re biking into the wind.

    I’m excited to see what Zuka Sound comes up with next!

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